Cotswold Cup

Everything was equal at the top of the tree in the opening round of the 2019 Central England Traditional Trials Championship Series at Miserden near Stroud on Sunday!

In a double quirk of fate the top two place-men in the experts class posted identical scores which all the tie deciding rules failed to resolve. Unbelievingly the same thing happened in the strongly contested Rigid class. The upshot is that both Ian Peberdy and Steve Hay each gained maximum series points as joint Experts winners as did Steve Allen and Gary Shaw in the rigid class.

On a day of brilliant sunshine the Golden Valley club had utilised 10 groups of subs spread over a 30 mile route in some of the UK's prettiest parts. Ever enthusiastic Adrian Moss was in charge of the course action which saw riders go first to Battlescombe where the two opening subs caught the unwary. Keith Wells and Gerry Minshal were equally wobbly, each footing through sub 2 before regaining composures and thereafter having steady rides to tie on final deficits of 11. On to group 2 at St Marys Wood where the final muddy climb was to be by far the hardest of the day. With no room to gain speed before the climb, riders were limited to a second gear attack but most simply lost traction before half way up. Only 7 riders got to the top albeit all through vigorous and lusty footwork. Only Ian Peberdy got to the final turn clean before he also resorted to legwork whilst Gary Hawkins, Dave Wood, Graham Wignall and Steve Thompson joined him in gaining 3 mark losses. Steve Hay and Colin Leese also got their screaming Bantams to the summit, albeit with the assistance of pulling on the nearby trees with their left hands to help drag “bike and beast” onwards and upwards. As they had already surrendered 3 marks no extra penalty was correctly deemed applicable by the observer. So as a result Peberdy and Hay only surrendered marks on that same single section and as a result became Cotswold Cup joint winners. It was the first time in its 70 year history to have occurred.

Chris Gascoigne was also only penalised on one sub, the muddy climb, when the big boys Barnet suddenly gained too much grip and tossed him off! Paul Cook debuting his new Barnet had a less spectacular but identical result and so shared championship points with Chris for 3rd spot. In the rigid class, garage owner Steve Allen and Chesterfield's Gary Shaw each lost just 1 dab and each on the same sub at section 2 so again each of them got maximum winners points. In the pre unit easy route Newton Abbott's Nick Hunt took his 350 BSA to a clear win over local man John Jacka but the ride of the day must surely be from Trail bike riding Kim Beeney who, on the hard route sections lost but 38 marks, a brilliant ride on such a bike and actually cleaning 17 sections.

It was a good start to the new 5 round series with a total of 80 entries. The next round is on May 26th with the Sam Cooper Union Jack Trial run by Stratford on Avon MCC.

A full set of results can be downloaded Here